Five Benefits of Gas BBQ Grills

When we were first married, we lived out in the country and had a basic charcoal barbecue grill. But when we moved and returned to school, we were living in town, and disposing of the ash became more of an issue. Our grill was getting a bit old anyhow, so we decided to take a look at gas BBQ grills. It was spring time, so there were a lot of BBQ's available. Being students, our budget was important to consider, so we ended up purchasing a basic gas BBQ grill from a large, discount store. It was a large, double sided grill (we had four kids) and cost just under $300.

Of all the gas BBQ grills that we looked at, we were quite happy with our purchase. We primarily used just one side unless we had company. We used it regularly, but not all the time, and we were quite pleased with how it worked. Here are some of the benefits that I really enjoy in a gas barbecue grill.

  1. They are easy to light. You do not have to stack up a bunch of coals, squirt on the lighter and light it up. Once lit, you do not have to constantly monitor it until the coals turn white. You just have to turn on the gas, turn a knob and push a button. Very simple, even our responsible kids can easily light the grill.
  2. Gas lasts a long time. We use our gas grill regularly during the summer, meaning about 2 time a week. Our cylinder will last 1 to 2 years. When it runs out, it is rather inconvenient, but it doesn't happen often. Whereas, with briquets, you have to purchase them multiple times during the summer, and you always have to make sure that you have some on hand if you have a big BBQ gathering coming up.
  3. Gas BBQ grills cost effective, which is evidenced by the above fact that the gas lasts a long time. Filling a tank every year or two comes out to $20 - $35 a tank, depending upon where you fill or exchange it. This is just a guess, but it would probably cost 10 times that amount to buy the briquets to enjoy the same amount of cook outs.
  4. You do not have to wait very long before you start grilling. Once you light up the grill, you can be cooking within a few minutes. This is much quicker than briquets, which usually takes anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes to turn white before they are hot enough to cook anything. Sometimes this can be really inconvenient.
  5. It is easy to regulate to heat. With coals, the heat is regulated by the amount of coals that are used, and how close the rack is that holds the coals in relation to what you are grilling. These factors usually have to be determined before you start grilling because it is difficult to impossible to adjust once you get going. But, with gas BBQ grills, the flame height can easily be adjusted with the turn of a knob, a higher flame to make the grill hotter, or lower to reduce the heat. This also allows for more accurate grilling.
These are just some of the benefits of gas BBQ grills, I am sure that there are more. So, if you are in the market for a new grill, and are not sure what type you want, make sure to check out the many gas BBQ grills on the market today.


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